Thoughts on displaying CoolSnowGlobes

CoolSnowGlobes love being in the spotlight!

Well directed lighting really makes them shine.

The globes work well displayed together in a group or as part of a "story" otherwise they appear lost and lonely on your shelves. 

Whether you choose to display the globes with the boxes or without, you should always have "one to show and one to go"

Let customers shake them up! 

That's a big selling point. Makes people ooh and ahh and smile!

We haven't had one break yet.

While a one-handed shake will work for a grown-up, we suggest two hands for the little ones.


Try to keep the glass clean. They do get fingerprints. We use a delicious smelling natural, organic glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

Check back here periodically for more thoughts and suggestions. And don't hesitate to contact us with your suggestions, successes or questions!

Liz and David