Meditative Snow Globes

Unique Buddha Snow Globes and Zen Meditation Snow Globes

CoolSnowGlobes offers beautiful selection of non-Christmas snow globes. Shop our high-quality meditative snow globes and Buddha snow globes. These unique snow globes make the perfect gift for anyone who loves Zen meditation or simply wants a symbol of peaceful tranquility in their home, office or workplace. Shop for artistic meditative snow globes of Buddha, bonsai trees, rocks and other peaceful objects. With glittering sliver snow, CoolSnowGlobes' "Meditative" snow globes will bring Zen calmness to any space. Whether you're shopping for a peaceful gold Buddha snow globe or a crystal Buddha snow globe, you'll find a snow globe that encapsulates Zen meditation, peace and tranquility here.

Our "Meditative" collection of snow globes are expertly crafted with glass domes and seated on piano black, pearl white or matte silver bases. Our meditative snow globes come in an elegant presentation gift box that will impress any recipient. CoolSnowGlobes also offers custom snow globes. Our custom snow globes make great swag gifts. Let us create the perfect custom snow globes for your party, celebration or promotional event. If you have any questions about our gold or crystal Buddha snow globes, peaceful snow globes, tranquility snow globes, or Zen meditation snow globes, please contact us, we're happy to help.