Globes for good

We are helping to support those in need as well as our planet.

Supporting Hospitals

In April of 2020 at the start of the pandemic, with a scarcity of N95 masks and PPP for hospital and healthcare workers, CoolSnowGlobes leveraged our overseas contacts, and were able to access and deliver those desperately needed items directly to a hospital and senior care facility in NYC.  

Save the Oceans

We continue to seek out partners with whom specific snow globes resonate and offer a percentage of our proceeds to support those causes such as “Save the Oceans,” with our Wave, Sea Turtle and Coral snow globes

Donating Globes

We also donate hundreds of snow globes during the holiday season, to organizations such as Meals on Wheels, and safe houses for women and children across the country. Locally, in our town of Windsor Vermont we deliver globes to nursing homes and to the many library volunteers who keep the lights on and the people reading.

Blue Marble globe

We use our Blue Marble globe as the icon for this program, and look forward to expanding it to other organizations working to save the planet and her creatures.

We hope you will join us in supporting these causes.

Liz and David