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Wholesale reviews

Excellent quality and beautiful scenes

Visually magnetic, these have been the source of attention since we put them out just two days ago. Customers have been impressed with how well they are crafted, and the packaging ensures excellent presentation and safety.

Arnot Ogden Medical Center Gift Shop
Elmira, NY

Great product and great sellers!

Very pleasant and responsive company and their product is great, they come up with fresh globes often, and it sells very well.

The Artful Heart Gallery
Arlington, MA

Great Buying Decision

These snow globes are eye-catchers and what few people have ventured into our shop were immediately attracted to them and stimulated more than one impulse purchase. We originally thought it would be a holiday line for us, but took a chance on a few non-holiday designs.

Sawbridge Studios
Glenview, IL

Unique and great quality

These started selling within an hour of putting them on the floor. They are unique and bring an update to the nostalgia of snow globes!

East Tawas, MI

These globes and lovely and beautifully packaged

El Camino Health Gift Shops
Los Gatos, CA

Memorizing to the eye - loved by all ages!

The magic of a snow globe at the holidays is one thing but these beautiful globes are perfect year round!

Blackstone's of Beacon Hill
Boston, MA

Amazing Product!

My customers love these snow globes... most often they end up coming back for more and start collecting them. The attention to detail and quality is amazing.

Putti Fine Furnishings
Toronto, ON

These snow globes are GORGEOUS.

I was expecting cute, but I wasn't expecting stunning, which these are. Each globe feels substantial. They are solidly weighted and the glass is thick and clear. We purchased to sell, but very tempted to keep some around as they are visually gorgeous. Very happy with these.

S.P.A.S.M. Acupuncture
San Carlos, CA