About CoolSnowGlobes

CoolSnowGlobes was founded in Vermont, and yes, partially inspired by our exquisite winters.

And even more by our glorious autumn colors, and the challenge we gave ourselves to make a water globe that would capture those rapturous days.

Each year we create limited edition snow globes to add to our collection. Occasionally we reissue a design, but only when our customers are inconsolable when unable to purchase the one “they saw last year.” 

Some globes have inevitably become classics. 

We love what we do and we have been fortunate enough to create custom globes for some very interesting clients. To see a selection of them, please visit the Custom Gallery.

Art object, a toy for grown-ups or a soothing source of stillness, CoolSnowGlobes offers a fresh spin on an old favorite.

We are dedicated to creating arresting and beautiful globes. Chillingly Beautiful.

Liz Ross
David Westby


Joan Alibozek
Office Manager

Adam Blue
Project Manager

Kathleen Fallon
Graphic Design and Photo Archivist

Mike Yatsevitch
IT and Data Manager

Dan Cahill
Lead Sculptor

Pietro Bonomi
3D Modeler

Nathalie Bauer