Posted: Sep 16 2014
by: Liz Ross

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It's Fashion Week/Month everything everywhere…but Charles James at the MET

The Metropolitan Musuem of Art and haute couture are inextricably linked. Every year the Met hosts the shindig-formerly-known-as-the-Costume-Institute-Gala, the fashion event of the year (excluding New York fashion week, of course).The Met houses the iconic Costume Institute in the Anna Wintour Costumer Center. (See what I did there? Fashion, fashion, fashion…)And recently, the Met is hosted the utterly enthralling “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” exhibit. And we adored it.The unmitigated, unapologetic glamor of this image is in stark contrast to the hipster-chic that’s become so popular of late. The exhibit is extraordinarily Charles James, and Charles James was extraordinarily legendary. He viewed his work as art. And so, in an entirely unironic twist, art it became.

To view images of the Charles James exhibit, visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art website