Happy Holidays

The week of Christmas, it’s easy to slip into reflection on the notion of traditions. The holiday season puts the cyclical pattern of the year into high relief, reminding us that, though time seems to move steadily forward, we have arrived back at the holidays once again, just as we did last year and the year before that—stretching back even before personal memory. With that cycle, then, each holiday tradition enacts a comforting return to the familiar.

Although our snow globes resonate all year round, it’s apparent that they possess a different kind of poignancy during the holiday season. We can’t count the number of people who have excitedly shared with us their stories about the snow globes they have collected at Christmastime over the years. Maybe it’s something inherent to the objects; the frozen, pristine scenes, like traditions, bring us back to something timeless, preserved, and soothing. It’s a joy to know that feeling will be shared as people unwrap their snow globes this week.

Whatever your traditions are, we hope you enjoy them this season. Happy holidays, from CoolSnowGlobes!