Let Spring Come-and Mother's Day, Too

It’s spring at last, and we’ve got some snow globes to return color and cheer to your world! (No, the irony is not lost on us that we’re excited about spring snow globes. So just go with it.)

Not to mention Mother’s Day is a few weeks away, and there’s no gift more fitting than one that places her in the company of new blossoms, sunny weather, and all other earthly splendor:

Ah, the cherry blossoms. They’re one of the classic first signs of spring, and stand in spectacular contrast to the old, cold, and gray hangover of winter. Our Spring globe keeps those delicate, ephemeral cherry blossoms from ever falling.

Iridescent and wicked fast, dragonflies are another symbol of the changing of seasons. Whether perched on a flowered limb or flawlessly skimming a pond’s surface, the dragonfly astonishes and perplexes, so why not fall prey to its charms? 

A scene of two horses munching the tufts of spring. Their gleaming coats in early sun. Catching their majestic figures in the near distance as you pass by the greening meadow. What else could you possibly want?