Spring is Here

This has been a particularly cold and wet start of Spring in the northeast.  We had more snow fall in March than in any other month this winter.  And we are bracing for more “wintery mix” this week.  Since Spring is slow to start this year, we are carefully monitoring its arrival landmarks.  With the help of my friends at VPR here’s a partial list: 

  • Robins are back!
  • Peepers are calling. (Not yet)
  • Salamanders and frogs crossing rural roads at night to lay eggs (Still too cold)
  • Snowdrops are blooming
  • Crocuses (universal sign of spring, right? Starting to come up)
  • The smell of the earth – Mud season. It’s a real season here.
  • Skunks scouting at night – maybe the only time they are welcome (but again, not yet) 

Since Spring takes so long to bloom in earnest, it makes our Spring globes all the more cherished.  We can gaze into those sculpted landscapes, watch the petal-fall and dream of warmer days to come.

Which one is your favorite?