Basic Information About Our Globes

Care of Globes

First and most important, keep it out of direct sunlight.
Sunlight shining through the water acts as a magnifier lens and can cause a fire.
Sunlight can also cause the water in the globe to turn color
Dust it with a soft cloth.  Glass cleaner is fine on the globe.
Our globes are made of glass and are not toys for children.


Standard Glass Globe:
4 inch diameter 
10 cm diameter
Total Dimensions:
4” W x 4” L x 4.5” H 
10 cm W x 10 cm L x 12.6 cm H

Mini Glass Globe:
1 3/4 inch diameter
Total Dimensions:
1.75" W x 2.25" H

Square Base

3.1/8” W x 3.1/8” L x  1.1/4” H
8 cm W x 8 cm L x 3 cm H


Globes are packed with a protective foam base
Gift Box is included for every globe
Gift Box Dimensions: 
Inches:  5 x 5 x 5
CM:  13 x 13 x 13


Globes are shipped from South San Francisco
Globes are shipped in cartons
Ship times are usually from 2 to 5 days
We usually ship on the day we receive orders

Materials and Contents

The liquid in the globes is purified water.
We then add an anti-freeze to protect against cold.
And a small amount of anti-bacterial to keep the liquid clear.
The mixed liquid is largely non-toxic and externally safe for humans.  
Contents should not be ingested.

Globe Repair

There are only a few places to have snow globes repaired.  We suggest this site.

Snow Globe Repair Center