Custom Snow Globe Information

Minimum Order: 600 pcs allows us to give you the best price. Lower quantities are available.
We try to keep development & production lead time to no more than 6 months

We truly cherish our custom clients and their projects. The collaboration always results in wonderful products and wonderful relationships.
Plus, you won't find more attention to detail and better customer service anywhere.


Custom globe proposals for Q4 are best submitted in the first month of the year. 
Occasionally we can slip something in later than that, so feel free to ask…

Custom Process

  1. Client submits a sketch, photo, or short description of concept.
  2. CSG emails client a JPEG of the concept within 3-5 days for client review. 
  3. Upon approval of concept payment of prototype fee is requested.
  4. 3-D video of model sent to client for approval, usually within a few weeks. Two revisions of model included in prototype fee up to this stage.
  5. Prototype development within 4-6 weeks.
  6. Sample created and sent to client for approval fully painted with glitter. 
  7. Reasonable revisions of painting and glitter/snow are included. Approval needed within 3-5 days.*  Delays in the approval process may result in delivery delays.  
  8. Packaging and labeling should be discussed and designed during the prototype process to ensure timely delivery.

    *Sign-off times represent the time allowed to stay on schedule.  Any delays in the sign-off process may delay delivery date by same.


    • Prototype fee due upon approval of concept JPEG.
    • 50% of deposit with PO, payable upon approval of sample.
    • Final payment due upon shipping.

    Standard Packaging

    • Presentation gift box with custom cushion insert included in price.
    • Packaging template provided for client’s design team. CSG Design services also available on an hourly basis.  Please inquire.


    Confirmed once order is complete and shipping is booked.

    Shipping Options 

    Ex-factory or FOB Ontario, CA.

    Copyright of globe designs remain the property of CoolSnowGlobes ® exclusive of trademarked icons, logos or characters.