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APR 13, 2020

CoolSnowGlobes launches Globes for Good program to help provide PPE

CoolSnowGlobes launched the Globes for Good program, designed to procure and donate PPE equipment to hospitals and nursing homes and those on the front lines in New York City.

CoolSnowGlobes noted it will utilize its China contacts to procure these supplies and that the program will allow it to donate a portion of its sales to this program “for as long as it is needed.”

According to Liz Ross, co-founder of CoolSnowGlobes, the Globes for Good will apply to all purchases, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer. So far two hospitals, two nursing homes and an OB/GYN practice at a major hospital in New York City have benefited from this program.

Globes for Good program from CoolSnowGlobe

“We began donating items as soon as we realized we could access supplies quickly by doing it through our established channels,” Ross shared. “Hospitals and those on the front lines have no more time to wait. Doctors were and still are forced to use trash bags and brown paper bags as masks and gowns.”

CoolSnowGlobes wanted customers to know that a portion of any purchases made will be donated to maintaining this initiative, Ross explained and shared that soon the information will be available on its website. “We look towards brighter days, when this cause is no longer and we can refocus and redirect our resources to other needs and organizations we feel we can assist in some way,” Ross said.

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