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Modern Snow Globes, Unique Snow Globes

CoolSnowGlobes are miniature works of art. With 50+ original designs and custom snow globes available, we make the world more beautiful one water globe at a time. Shop our artistic selection of Hanukkah, Halloween and Christmas snow globes to find a whimsical portrayal of holiday scenes and figures. We also carry an assortment of non-Christmas snow globes. Our “Seasons” collection feature stunning snow globes that encapsulate the beauty of spring, summer, fall and winter. From beautiful autumn snow globes with falling leaves, to spring snow globes with blooming flowers, ballerinas and trees, our snow globes of the four seasons will enhance any nature lover’s decor.

CoolSnowGlobes’ “By the Sea” snow globes feature picturesque seascapes, stunning coral and aquatic life. Choose from a variety of snow globes with ocean waves and sailboats. For animal lovers, we have snow globes with cats, dogs, sea turtles, horses, foxes, deer, butterflies and birds. We also have high-quality Buddha snow globes and meditative snow globes. Shopping for a snow globe of the Statue of Liberty, New York City or Paris? We have several creative city souvenir snow globes of depicting some of the most popular travel destinations. Our unique snow globes make a memorable gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or a thoughtful graduation present.

Classic & Contemporary Snow Globes

Our unique snow globes are beautifully crafted with glass domes and seated on either matte silver, piano black or pearl white bases. All our snow globes come in an elegant presentation gift box and are ready to be gifted. No matter what occasion you’re shopping for, we think you’ll find an awesome snow globe here. CoolSnowGlobes also offers custom snow globes. Our custom snow globes make unique swag gifts. Let us create the perfect custom snow globes for your party, celebration or promotional event. If you have any questions about our Santa snow globes, city souvenir snow globes, Buddha snow globes, animal or nature snow globes please contact us, we're happy to help.