Quality Snow Globes



“I’ve looked through hundreds and hundreds of snow globes online and in stores. This is the best of all – it’s beautiful, and magical and the flakes are so light and blizzardy.”

                                                            --Amazon Customer


CoolSnowGlobes™ has evolved the iconic gift into an object of high quality and unique beauty – a significant departure from the plastic souvenirs that commemorate every tourist stop.  

Each globe is made of glass which once filled with water, magnifies the objects inside.  Every model is painstakingly rendered before being cast.  Globes like the ballerinas are particularly challenging to render as the arms and legs are delicate and can break in production.  The model is hand-painted before being filled with purified water.

We care a lot about the amount and quality of the snow, or “flitter”, as it’s called, often mixing many different colors and densities of our proprietary mix to improve the swirl and snowfall.

Every 100 mm globe comes ready for giving in our high-quality custom gift box. All Sets of Four Mini Globes are also custom boxed.  The base is nestled in a core of foam and the dome is cradled in the top of the box to insure your gift presentation is as perfect as the globe inside.


A lot of care and consideration goes into making your snow globe and we want you to be delighted. 

We stand by our full size 100 mm globes for a year from purchase.  Please contact chill@coolsnowglobes.com with any questions or concerns.  We ask that you provide us with a brief description of the issue, a photo of the globe and the label on the bottom, and information about where it was purchased.  We are happy to address your concerns.

**The minis are a bit different. They are prone to have bubbles and though we have tried for years and consulted with many factories - there is nothing that can be done to prevent them. But we still love our little ones.

If it’s not beautiful it is not ours!

We pride ourselves in the quality of everything we do and we are often copied. You will be disappointed with any of the copies we have seen; their quality is very poor.  Look for our trademark on the product and packaging – or shop from our website and you can be certain you have a work of art and an original CoolSnowGlobe™.

Make sure you see our icon on the back - then you will know it's ours!

What customers say

 “This snow globe is well done in every way.” Amazon Customer

 “They are truly beautiful!” – CSG Customer

“Every single person who got a (Cool) Snow Globe loved it.  All are displaying them in places of honor at home or office.  Many commented that they have never received a gift they liked better.” CSC Custom Client