NYC White Snow Globe Globe

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NYC White Snow Globe

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NYC White Snow Globe


Like its model city, our New York City snow globe contains a little bit of everything. For tourists and locals alike, it celebrates the diverse and limitless ways to encounter the city. Mirroring the experience of walking through the “City that Never Sleeps,” our cityscape offers a new surprise at every turn—from the familiar Chrysler Building to the new One World Trade Center, from the New York Public Library’s lions to Wall Street’s bull. Thankfully, we’ve shrunken them all so it’s a little less overwhelming! 

Can you locate all of the hidden treasures that New York has to offer? 

Here’s a guide to get you started:

Degas’ “Dancer”
The ferry
A subway train
The Statue of Liberty
A taxi
Jazz saxophone player
A shopper
The White Rabbit from Central Park’s Alice in Wonderland Sculpture, Central Park
A “big apple”
The Gargoyles from the Chrysler Building
The New York Public Library lions, Patience and Fortitude
St. Patrick’s Cathedral
The new One World Trade Center
The Wall Street bull sculpture
The Brooklyn Bridge


Glass globe, Piano Black base.

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