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General Information About Our Globes

Basic Globe Information

What is you opening order?

A minimum of 2 per style.  
6 pieces MOQ.

We do not ship singles.

What is the turn around time?

If items are in stock, usually within 2 days.

Do you drop ship?

No. Sorry we do not provide that service.


We typically ship your order within 3 days of receipt
Monday thru Friday, during business hours.
You have the choice of FED EX Ground, 2Day or Standard Overnight.


Shipping and storing snow globes is weather sensitive.
All our globes have anti-freeze inside, which typically keeps them from freezing, under normal delivery procedures. However, during extreme temperatures such as we experienced this past winter, we did find several instances of freezing. To that end, we will temporarily halt shipping if we feel the globes might be exposed to below freezing temperatures for an extended period of time on their way to you.

Shipping to Your Customer During Extreme Weather

If you are shipping single items to your customers during very cold weather, we strongly suggest that you delay shipping.
If you must ship, be sure to double box and insulate them well, indicating 'DO NOT FREEZE' on the outside of the box.
We can not guarantee the out come of shipping under these conditions.
Signs of freezing are bubbles, cloudy water, and breakage of the items inside.


CSG will not be responsible if your globes are stored in unheated warehouses.
CSG cannot be responsible if our shipping suggestions are not followed.

Send Us a Message

Email: wholesale@coolsnowglobes.com
Phone:  888 673-5809
9 am to 5 pm EST Monday - Friday.
We are closed on US Federal Holidays.